Commercializing Successful Biomedical Technologies:
Basic Principles for the Development of Drugs, Diagnostics and Devices

This book is packed with useful details on all aspects of launching a new biomedical company. I highly recommend it to anyone contemplating a new venture.
— Hanson Gifford, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of The Foundry
This book is a must for starters in the industry and for people who have collected different pieces of the puzzle through scattered sources and need to organize it in their minds to put it in perspective.
— Atul Gupta, MIT Sloan school MBA candidate and Kauffman Foundation intern
The book covers all the things that matter but are never written down in a comprehensive text.
— Carmichael Roberts, General partner at Northbridge Partners, Vice Chairman, WMR Biomedical and cofounder of Surface Logix
Shreefal Mehta’s book highlights the right questions to ask in order to truly understand the impact of reimbursement and health economics, too often ignored in product development, on new devices, drugs, and biologicals.
— Parashar Patel, Vice President, Health Economics & Reimbursement, Boston Scientific
Dr Mehta’s book is on my table as a handy reference and overview of the business and product development challenges involved in the health care industry.
— Christoph Hergersberg, Global Technology Leader, Biosciences, General Electric Global Research Center
Dr. Mehta’s book is a comprehensive and practical overview of all the steps and challenges to successfully develop and commercialize a product from idea to income. His points are illustrated with real life examples throughout. Students and professionals alike should read this book!
— Jim Mullen, CEO of Biogen-Idec and past President of the Biotechnology Industry Organization
The ‘How-To Bible’ for launching a product - If I had to recommend one great book to get you started on the road to launching a product, then begin with Commercializing Successful Biomedical Technologies.
— Joe Sasenick, Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association

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